Should I Repair or Replace My Front Door After a Break-in?

September 27th, 2020
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A home or business break-in can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Regardless of whether
anything was successfully stolen, there is always something missing: peace of mind.

In order to re-establish your feeling of security at home, you’ll want to focus on the point of entry and
what you can do to make it secure once more.

Was It Strong Enough in the First Place?

If you have a strong door that withstood the attempt and repelled the would-be-thief, it should
be sufficient to perform repairs that restore any damage. If the door allowed entry, then either
the lock, frame, or door was weak enough to give way.

Other parts may be damaged, but the chief failure will be attributable to one of those three. In this case, you’ll want your repair or replacement to be stronger than the original, to withstand a subsequent attempt.

Extent of Damage

Your decision should be based on which parts were damaged and to what extent. If it was the
lock that failed, it will usually not be serviceable again and you should take this opportunity
to upgrade your locks. If the door frame gave way, it’s often possible to repair and even
bolster without the need to replace anything. If the door itself was the failure, you’ll have
judge whether it’s worth repairing a weak door, or changing it for a stronger one. In terms of
aesthetics, it may be better to replace— and if it was weak enough to allow entry once, why
settle for that level of security again?

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