Should I Change My Door After a Forced Entry?

April 24th, 2022
Should I Change My Door After a Forced Entry?

The short answer to the question in the title is “maybe.” In today’s blog article, we will talk about what your choices are if your door has had a forced entry.

Is There Damage?

The first consideration is whether the door has sustained damage and if so, how much damage. If the door can be repaired, can it be repaired quickly? Obviously, for a business, an outside door that is not in working order is a major problem. How much will it cost to repair the door compared to replacing the door? This is something else to consider.

In some cases, the door may not be repairable, in which case it would have to be replaced.

Why or How Was the Door Breached?

Another consideration is why or how the door was forced. The point here is if the door was forced once, could it be easily forced again. Is safety and security a big factor in the decision? Is the issue the locks on the door or the door itself? It’s easy enough to change all your locks or add others, but if the door itself is the problem, you may want to install a stronger door.

For example, it is easier to force a wood door than it is a steel door. You may want to change your door to the safest possible option, but that may also depend on how the whole entry is designed. If a steel door is going to have a negative impact on your overall design, then you may not wish to change.

So, there are several points to consider if you have a door that has had a forced entry. You may wish to hire professionals to help you. If you need some help with a door that has recently had a forced entry, give us a call in Vancouver at (604) 349-3667. We can fix or replace your door as dictated by your needs and circumstances.

604FixDoor operates throughout the Lower Mainland in Greater Vancouver providing emergency door and window installation and repairs. We also do non-damaging boarding up of businesses for COVID-19. 

If you have any questions about this article or need some help with your doors or windows, please call us at (604) 349-3667.


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