Is Trying to Winter-Proof Your Old Windows and Doors Worth It?

October 27th, 2021
Is Trying to Winter-Proof Your Old Windows and Doors Worth It?

As the unforgiving cold of winter starts to roll in, many people are taking action to keep their houses warm. While a space heater is almost always a good investment, sometimes keeping the cold out is a more effective strategy in the long term.

As a result, one of the questions we often get asked around this time of the year happens to be, “Is trying to winter-proof your old windows and doors worth it?”. If you are having that thought, here are some important things to consider.

Keeping Heat Indoors is Incredibly Valuable

When it comes to planning for the cold of winter, most people assume they will need a heater. While a heater is a great product, it is not a fix-all solution. A heater will only heat your air and not keep the cold out. Moreover, it can lead to a high electricity or heating bill.

What we often suggest to homeowners is to upgrade or fix any loose seals around your windows and doors. The best way to do this is by inspecting each of your doors and windows for any small cracks along the edges. If you find any cracks, there are some simple fixes.

Keeping More Heat Indoors is Simple and Affordable

For your windows, use a product like weather stripping or caulk to seal up any loose areas.  Another affordable option is a window insulation kit. These kits are a handy way to stop cold air from coming in through tiny cracks along the windowpane. They add a small air gap between your window and the film which helps to block out potential air drafts from seeping through.

When it comes to doors, check your door seals and alignment. A simple option could be applying caulk to your door edges to plug up any small holes. Another option is to change your door sweep. Replacing your old door sweep with a newer one will go a long way in blocking out cold air. Additional techniques you can use are to seal off the bottom of your door with a towel or using foam tape to create a snugger fit for your door or window.

Winterproofing is Almost Always Worth It

The best way to keep your home warm is by not letting the cold in. Instead of just having an air heater to mask the problem, keeping air out allows you to fully solve the problem.

If you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle trying to stay home every winter, it is time to start winterproofing. The techniques we listed in this article are very beginner-friendly and are worth implementing.

If you find that nothing works for you, it is time to call the experts. We can figure out why your home is letting in so much cold air, and then we can stop it. Taking care of this will save you from having to run the space heater for all of winter.

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