How to Prevent Wooden Door Expansion in Winter

October 28th, 2020
How to Prevent Wooden Door Expansion in Winter

 With temperatures dropping and humidity rising here are some tips and tricks to prevent and address wooden door expansion in winter.

One of the first and simplest is to avoid having residual dampness in your home or business and especially near wooden doors. It may also be worth utilizing a dehumidifier, especially if you have one on hand, to dry out the air near the door. This can help deal with minor swelling that may be in progress and prevent future swelling. A heat source close to a door may also be responsible for door swelling, consider covering vents near swelling doors

You may also consider applying a new finish and/or sealant to your wooden doors prior to winter. While many doors come with a manufacturer sealant it is often not designed for use in extremely humid climates and may not be resistant enough to prevent swelling. You should also be sure to reapply sealant on a yearly basis before the humid coastal winter begins.

Overall the ability to repair or prevent the swelling of wooden doors depends on the extent of the damage and warping that’s been caused to the door and in some cases it may be better to simply replace the door. Fibreglass doors, while more expensive and size specific, are effectively immune to warping from damp conditions and most other climate concerns and can be an excellent replacement if you want to avoid dealing with wood problems in the future.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some solid advice on how to deal with warping wooden doors and what you can do if you cannot fix or prevent the issues.

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