How to Know If Your Door Needs Repair

August 31st, 2020
How to Know If You Need Door Repairs

You count on your doors for a lot. They provide passage into your home while protecting against the elements, and ideally, they look good while doing it.

But if you’re finding that the doors in your home are failing to live up to those tasks, it may be necessary to have some repair work done.


The most imperative time to repair a door is if the security of the occupants is compromised as a result. If a door doesn’t close or open effectively, or if bolts or latches are not able to engage, it is important to fix the issue immediately.


Failure to protect against the elements is the next reason to repair a door. Modern homes have been designed with numerous amenities to make the space comfortable, but a single problem with the door can undo all of these efforts. Leaks invite moisture into your home, drafts let cold air seep in, and a gap of any size can allow passage for bugs or critters.

To find any points of failure, inspect around the door carefully, feeling for drafts or rushing air. Another indicator is if daylight is visible through any cracks or gaps. Condensation or frost buildup is a sure sign that something is not functioning optimally, whether it is on the window pane or the door seal.


The last reason to repair a door involves visual appeal. The doorway is important both symbolically and functionally. It is where energies flow to and from your house, and where guests make their first impressions. If a door has chipping paint, scratches, or cracked windows it can certainly diminish the charm, and though it’s not an immediately pressing concern, you may consider having repairs done. Generally, you will get a hint that your home’s doors are not functioning optimally. There are varying degrees of urgency and some repairs can be put off longer than others, but a proactive stance is always best.

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