How Long Should a Front Door Last Without Repairs?

January 27th, 2022
How Long Should a Front Door Last Without Repairs?

It would be impossible to predict how long a front door will last without repairs because the answer depends on several factors. We can, however, give you some guidelines for how front doors age.


The first consideration is one of materials. What is the door made of? A wood door will likely not last as long as steel door, and a fiberglass door may figure somewhere in between. The wood door is going to shrink and expand with changes in temperature, and sometimes cracks can develop.

Whereas a steel door is less likely to show cracks, but the weight of the door may wear on the hinges causing the door not to fit quite right in the doorway. So, over time you may have difficulty opening and closing it.

Also, is there glass inset in the door? The glass can get cracked or the seals around the glass can be damaged.


Weather will play a role in the aging of the door. Extremes in heat and cold outside, every year, will age the door components, including the weather stripping, and the hardware. Even if the door remains in good shape, you may need new hardware for it.


How much traffic goes in and out through the door will affect its aging. Every time a door is opened and closed (or slammed) that affects the door components. The door to a busy business will have much more wear and tear than a residential door.

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