Can You Fix Old-Style, Double-Hung Windows?

March 30th, 2022
Can You Fix Old-Style, Double-Hung Windows?

The short answer is “yes” old-style, double-hung windows can be repaired. There is a fair amount of work involved, and the windows will need to be taken apart. Fixing them is not an easy DIY job.

In today’s blog, we will go over what is typically required when fixing old-style, double-hung windows.


If you take apart these types of windows, be sure to map out what the different pieces are and where they go. It would not be hard to get confused and have difficulty putting everything back together. Pieces can be labeled with painter’s tape, and you can also draw a diagram as you go along.

Windows like these may be 80-100 years old. It’s possible that there will be remnants of lead-based paint on them. Make sure to tarp the ground and don’t let any children near where you are working.

These windows typically have sash cords that may need replacing. You will need a type of cord that is the same diameter as the one you are replacing. Pulley wheels may need lubrication.

Sometimes wood parts don’t move properly because they have warped with age and the damp climate of the Lower Mainland. You may need to carefully trim some of the wood parts so that they fit the way they were originally intended. If you are going to add weather stripping, then you may need to use a router to create some extra room for it.

Keep in mind that the glass from 100 years old is lovely to look at, but nearly as energy efficient as today’s windows. You may want to consider replacing old windows with new ones that mimic the old design.


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