4 Considerations for Choosing a New Front Door

February 28th, 2022
4 Considerations for Choosing a New Front Door

There are several considerations for choosing a new front door. In this blog article, we will go over some of them with you.


The first consideration is design. What does the door look like from the outside? Does the door go with your overall exterior look? If there are any existing exterior design features that you particularly like, you can mimic them with the front door. For example you may want the door a certain colour or shape. Or you may want the door to look traditional or contemporary.


You may want a door that is partly glass to allow light in or to be able to see out. Or you may want a door that has particularly good insulative properties. Function should play a role. If you want a peephole, then you need a door that allows for one.


If security is the primary consideration, then you may want a steel door. Steel doors are much harder to break or get through, and they will withstand weather changes better than wood.


One consideration is whether you want a door that will exactly fit the opening you already have or if you will need to reframe the opening to fit a new door. Changing the opening is not that big of a deal for an experienced installer.

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